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Should you offer your employees basic financial literacy training?

In a period of economic stress and company benefit cutting, companies across America are offering financial literacy courses to help employees gain greater skill and confidence in handling their finances. Alliant Credit Union researched the topic to provide findings to help you get a sense of whether financial literacy training is appropriate for your company and how to go about
implementing it.

Download (PDF): Executive Summary | Full Report

Is an HDHP/HSA the right prescription for your company?

A new study from Chicago-based Alliant Credit Union finds that High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) coupled with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can be a good fit for many employers and employees. However, introducing such an employee benefit provides an employer with both opportunities and barriers that must be handled with care for a successful implementation.

If you’re on the cusp of deciding whether to introduce an HDHP, this white paper is for you. It explores the opportunities and barriers involved in introducing and implementing such a plan. If you already have an HDHP in place, use this information to take another look at your plan and consider how to fine-tune it.

Download (PDF): Executive Summary | Full Report

American Workers: Getting Ahead or Just Getting By?

This recently released white paper from Allliant Credit Union and the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (ISCEBS) examines American workers’ ability to manage their finances and provides an in-depth look at how well companies think they provide for their employees.

The study, based on two research surveys conducted in March 2008 by Alliant Credit Union in conjunction with the ISCEBS, found there is a definite need for employers to provide programs that help employees with personal money management. Employees would welcome such programs and the good news is: the cost to the employer for these benefits can be minimal and could result in significant improvements in lower absenteeism, higher productivity and employee engagement, reduced turnover and greater profitability.

Download (PDF): Executive Summary | Full Report

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